Tasks of Medical Assistants and Salary Information

Medical assistants are key to keeping medical centers, doctors’ offices, clinics and other operations to run smoothly and efficiently. They help physicians and doctors to handle basic clinical tasks and perform administrative duties. They work in medical clinics, offices of doctors and physicians, and in hospitals. Their job duties vary from one office to another and state-to-state. They perform various duties in medical facilities.There are four types of medical assistants, and they are clinical, specialist, clerical and administrative.

Specialized Medical Assistants

dental medical assitantSome medical assistants specialize in specific areas. These assistants always have more duties that reflect their area of specialization. For instance, assistants working with optometrists are specialists in this line of work. Also, they closely work with professionals to test patients’ eyes, and provide instructions to patients on using contact lenses correct. Medical laboratory assistants perform duties that are related to the lab including testing specimen, and podiatric medical assistants help podiatrists to make castings of feet.

Clinical Medical Assistants

The job duties of these assistants depend on state laws. They prepare patients for medical examinations, take the medical history of patients, explain medical techniques and procedures that are used on patients. They also collect laboratory specimens, assist medical professionals during an examination and sterilize medical equipment. Besides, they can take electrocardiograms, draw blood and remove

Administrative Medical Assistants

These assistants perform tasks that are similar to those of clinical and clerical assistants. Some of the duties are medically related including submission of medical forms, updating files of patients, scheduling medical tests and arranging hospital visits. In addition, they do billing and bookkeeping for the medical facility and perform general duties within the office.

Clerical Medical Assistants

clerical medical assistant

These assistants perform duties that are crucial in keeping operations to run in a smooth way. Their work includes scheduling appointments, answering phones, typing letters and memos, sorting mails and greeting and welcoming patients. The duties they perform are the same to those that office clerical personnel perform.


The salaries for medical assistants vary with experience. Generally, they are paid between twenty thousand to forty thousand dollars per year. For assistants who are just beginning their career, salary could be less than twenty thousand dollars, while those who have more experience with more complex tasks can get a payment of up to fifty thousand dollars.

If you are looking for something that exceeds the normal office position, medical assistance is a career that is growing fast. Medical assistants do everything from assisting dentists and doctors during examinations to filling out insurance forms and charts and scheduling.