Why Synthetic Urine Use is on the Rise

urine in container

Synthetic urine can also be referred to as fake urine. But it merely a mixture made in the la that exhibits the same characteristics and properties of real urine. The main ingredients of this fake pee are usually organic and inorganic such as phosphates, water, sulfates, urea, and creatinine. There are some manufacturers and retailers involved in this for a variety of reasons. This is informed by the fact that it has qualities that are authentic as those that natural urine has.

According to Swift Detox, ever since the concept of synthetic urine came about, it has been gaining popularity day by day. Besides its primary use of clearing drug tests, let us look at some of the other uses that explain why synthetic urine is becoming popular today.

Passing a Drug Test

This is perhaps the primary use of synthetic urine in the process famously known as urinalysis, clinic laboratories and hospitals test samples of human urine so to find any traces of any drugs that one could have used. When one takes any synthetic drug, for instance, marijuana, the human body system absorbs them into the bloodstream, and the kidney extracts them so that they can be expelled from the body in the form of urine or feces.

So when one is required to provide urine samples for testing, and they are not entirely sure that they can pass it, they can choose to seek the aid of synthetic urine as it has the capacity to replace natural human urine completely.

Product Test

urine lab testingAnother reason that can explain why synthetic urine is becoming popular today is that it can be used in testing the quality standards of products. Since it has all the qualities that are found in real urine plus its advantage of having a long lifespan it has provided an alternative through which the variety of products can be tested. For instance, synthetic urine is usually used in testing the quality, efficiency, and usability of products like diapers and other cleaning agents.

When such products are taken through quality assessment by there manufacturers, synthetic urine comes into use. In other instances, when marketers are promoting their products, they use it to demonstrate that their products are effective in clearing stains from toilets and carpets.

Alternative Medicine

It might sound absurd to you, but serves as alternative medicine, this is in a process commonly referred to as urinal therapy. Additionally, it is used as medicine to cure one of the effects of urchin and jellyfish stings. Although it has not been proved scientifically, some communities use it as traditional medicine. In some other instances, it is used for skin massage as it leads to quick regeneration of the skin.

Scientific Experiments

It is very common for scientists to conduct experiments that they require to use urine. Due to its availability and effectiveness scientists have now turned to use synthetic urine other that natural urine which is not available that easily.

Some of the other uses include it being used as pranking in adult games and in the calibration of equipment that is meant for testing.